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Standing Water on Commercial Roofs: Why Is It a Problem?

A quality roof should last at least a couple of decades with only minor maintenance or repairs done. Most structures have one of two types of roofs. One is the traditional peaked roof that you see on most homes. The other is the flat roof, which often goes atop commercial buildings and apartment buildings.

A flat roof can be a durable structure and support rooftop equipment. Many commercial properties place HVAC systems on the rooftops to save space and produce quality heating, cooling, and ventilation indoors. That is one primary reason why many commercial buildings use flat rooftops. But when water accumulates on the rooftop and stays in a pool, that is an indicator of problems overhead.

What Water on a Flat Roof Could Indicate

Water pooling on a flat roof is a problem. It indicates the roof is sagging and created a basin in which water collects. Depending on the local climate, the water might be there through natural processes of rain or snow and ice melt. If the local climate is dry and water pools up, odds are something is leaking. If that is where the building's air conditioner is located, there is a good chance that it is leaking water onto the rooftop.

Whether the roof is over a residential home or a commercial property, the result generally is the same. The roof is taking on and holding water in a particular spot. That spot could rot out quickly from the moisture and cause extensive damage. If the roof is causing a leak indoors, mold and mildew could become an issue. In all cases, a thorough inspection and roof repair done by experienced commercial roofing contractors are in order.

How Long a Roof Should Last

The National Association of Home Builders says a roof's average lifespan is between 20 and 50 years. The materials used to build the roof make the biggest difference in longevity. Whether using a flat roof or a peaked one, it should last up to 50 years. If it is maintained and occasionally repaired in a timely manner, a roof could last past the 50-year mark.

Experienced commercial roofing contractors can help to make the roof last much longer. They know the local climate conditions and can choose the roofing materials that are best capable of resisting leaking water. That will help a roof to meet or exceed the up to 50-year lifespan/

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