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Warning Signs of Commercial Roofing Damage

Commercial roofing is important in protecting your business against severe weather conditions. While roofing materials are normally designed to last for a long time, it is important to inspect your roofing for any damage routinely. According to Zillow, your roofing should be inspected at least once every year. Inspection is effective in identifying damage to initiate early repair or replacement. The following are warning signs of commercial roofing damage.

1. Leaking Commercial Roofing

One of the most apparent signs of commercial roofing damage is water leaks. The leaks could be due to cracks and holes in your commercial roofing. Look if your ceilings and walls are stained since water leaks tend to discolor brightly-colored ceilings and walls. Also, the presence of visible mold or mildew on your ceilings and walls signals water leaks. Contact roofing experts to repair your roofing as soon as you notice any water leaks.

2. Visible Damage on Your Commercial Roofing

Visible cracks and holes observable from either the interior or exterior of your commercial building are warning signs of commercial roofing damage. Repair the cracks and holes if they're tiny. It would be best to replace your commercial roofing if the damage is extensive.

3. Water Accumulation on Your Commercial Roofing

The accumulation of standing water on your commercial roofing is a sign of damage. It is normal for water to accumulate and drain after a few hours. However, you should be concerned if the accumulated water does not go away after 72 hours. If not drained, the water can sag your roof and extensively damage it. Call commercial roofing experts to drain the water and repair your roofing.

4. Damaged Flashing on Your Commercial Roofing

Flashing is the metal edge running along your roofing's perimeter. The flashing is important in commercial roofing as it seals joints and other areas of your roofing to prevent water leaks. Your roofing is damaged if your flashing is bent, corroded, or broken. Repairing a damaged flashing will prevent damage to your property.

5. Old Commercial Roofing

Old age is another sign of commercial roofing damage. An old roof is corroded, weak, and requires constant repairs. Replace your old roofing with a new one to avoid costly repairs and damage to your property.

Don't ignore warning signs of commercial roofing damage regardless of their severity. Ignoring them could lead to extensive damage and costly repairs or replacements. Contact roofing experts as soon as you notice any signs of damage to your roofing.

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